Christmas is Coming!

>I know, Thanksgiving hasn’t even come yet, but I just finished making Christmas tags for a swap I’m doing on a message board, and seeing them finished gave me not only a sense of acomplishment, but excitement too for Christmas!

This year is extra special to me because not only is it Ruthie’s first Christmas, it’s also the first Christmas we’ll have a real Christmas tree!  Last year we just had a small tree thing that was made out of cardboard and tensil -it was loaned to us by Jeff’s Grandma- and I’m so grateful that I was finally able to purchase a real tree this year.  And I almost didn’t get it because it was shipped to the wrong place -the warehouse in West Valley out of all places- and was rather upset because the UPS folks said they sent someone out to get it, but it was missing.. lo and behold it showed up about 5 days later!  So I’m now the excited owner of a 7.5 foot tall, prelit Christmas tree!

Then I came to a delemia.. how to decorate it?  I’m not a fan of the ‘traditional’ red and green for Christmas.. well not for a tree anyways- and I thought about it for a while, and then we went to Roberts one evening and I was able to decide on a color motif; pale pink and gold!  I’m not a huge fan of yellow gold at ALL when it comes to jewelry, but I love it for Christmas!  Anyway, since Robert’s prints out a weekly coupon, I’ve decided instead of getting all the ornaments at once, I’m going to use a coupon once or twice a week until I get enough boxes!  Yay for 40% and 50% off coupons.  Anyway, here are the boxes I’ve bought so far; I plan on getting two more boxes of each box to have 96 ornaments total.

 (Ignore the mess on my crafting table please) 
I’m thinking to get two dozen icicles as well, but I haven’t seen them yet, and I may not depending on what is available.  Jeff and I also decided we’re going to get a star and not an angel, because we want to avoid Zoe screaming at us to let her play with the ‘doll’ on top of the Christmas tree.
The biggest debate now for me is do I make a skirt or do I just buy one?  I could make one no problem, and it’ll give me greater flexibility in terms of fabrics and design, but on the other hand, Sewing for me lately has become a huge hassle, and that’s something I’m wanting to avoid.  But I need to find a skirt that matches my ornaments, and one that’s within a reasonable price range, but that may not be possible.
Well, there’s slightly just two months before Christmas and at least 4 weeks until I put my tree up -I’m going to put it up sometime after Zoe’s birthday and the first week of December- so I have time.  I can’t believe how fast this year has blown by!
And can I just say, I’m EXCITED for tomorrow?  I just hope the forecast for rain is incorrect, and we’ll just be passed over!

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