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He’s Coming Home!

>For the most part, this blog is about our little family; Jeff and myself and the girls.  However, at times I feel it’s prudent to share information about the rest of the family, and today is that day!

Jeff’s one of six siblings; he’s the second oldest.  The second to the youngest Tim went to Tijuana to serve a mission for our church (LDS) two years ago -give or take a few days- and today he’s coming home!  We’re excited to have Tim home again since many changes have happend with the family while he’s been in Mexico as a missionary.  Some of which includes the birth of the 6th grandchild Aidan on January 7th, 2007, then Grandma Ruth’s death last October, and then Ruthie being born this year in February, and then of course Jeff’s other brother Luke’s engagement to his fiancee Jessica -they are getting married on Thursday as a matter of fact- and the upcoming birth of the eighth grandchild Mason who’s due to arrive sometime in the first half of February of next year.  Then of course, the house has completely changed too!  Jeff’s parents had their roof completely repaired, and they’ve done alot of work to the inside too.  We’ve been exceptionally blessed this year financially, and have gifted Jeff’s parents money to go towards cosmetic changes and repairs; they were able to replace the flooring in their main bath and kitchen, they were able to paint those two rooms as well and also Tim’s room.  It’s amazing what inexpensive flooring and a can or three of paint can do!

His flight comes in around 2:30pm or so, and we’re heading to the airport to be there around 1pm.. why that early I don’t know since flights tend to be late versus early, but whatever!  We’re planning to go out to dinner at Tim’s preferred restaurant, so I won’t be able to update until tomorrow, or whenever I get around to it.

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