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Tim’s Homecoming pictures

>Here are the pictures from the airport. We were waiting for over an hour, so I felt that I had to take pictures. I didn’t get pictures of everyone that showed up, I forgot to get a picture of Jeff’s brother Andy and his family.

Here’s the flight information on the board, as you can see it between the white brackets. Funnily enough, it never changed from saying “Departed” to “Arriving” or “On Time”. And the next picture from right to left is Uncle Jim, Shayla (Jeff’s sister), Aunt Anne and their grandaughter; I’m unsure what her name is though. They got to the airport before we did, but only by a few minutes.

Here’s John (Jeff’s dad), then Jeff and Melissa (Jeff’s sister) and little Mason (boy) in her belly. Then, there’s Zoe with Grandma Wendy! And in case you were wondering, Uncle Jim is John’s brother. Wendy was walking around with Zoe in the airport, taking her up and down the escalator. Zoe got brave later on and decided she wanted to go for an elevator ride by herself, but that got stopped pretty quick by Uncle Devin (Melissa’s husband).

Here’s TIMMAY! Or Elder Hayford, since he wasn’t released yet. Then the next picture is of him with his two friends Braeden (sp?) and Ben. They also recently got home; Braden served in Argentina, and Ben served in what I’m assuming San Jose, since he mentioned living by eBay’s home quarters. Out of all of their group of friends, Ben was the only one who did not serve a Spanish speaking mission. He’s probably feeling left out about that by now.

There’s a bit of a funny story about Tim and Zoe. Zoe was running around and being crazy with the family when Tim came off the escalator, and then she spotted a vending machine with candy and ran over there. As soon as she left, he asked “Who’s that little girl?” and of course, we responded with “That’s Zoe.” and he goes “Wow, she’s huge!” It didn’t help matters any that the family that was standing around the vending machines were a family of blondes! He was amazed at how big Ruthie was, and commented when he left, Zoe was that small -actually she was a bit over a year old when he left; about a week or two after her first birthday- and was amazed at how big Zoe was. Unfortunately she didn’t recognize him so he tried to talk to her she hid her face or started crying. Melissa prepared Aidan for his homecoming, so he knew who Tim was and gave him a highfive. Braeden and Ben took off, and Andy and his family went home since he had to go back to work, and Uncle Jim, Aunt Anne and their grandaughter went home, and the rest of us went to SouperSalad for lunch/dinner (lunner?) since it was three in the afternoon and Tim hadn’t eaten since 5 am in Tijauana, which was 6 am our time.

He was amazed at all the changes that were done to the house, and the dogs I think recognized him, so that was nice. Later on, Luke and his wife (they got married yesterday) came over and Jessica met Tim for the first time, since her and Luke started dating about a year before Tim got home. I totally called that relationship winding up in marriage, even though Luke thought I was crazy. All in all, it was great. We left Guitar Hero over there for Tim to play and within a few minutes, he was Rocking out better than Jeff! Amazing!

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