Jeff & I

Night on the Town!

>Okay, I have to admit, Jeff and I almost NEVER have the chance to go out without the girls.  Anyway, one of the top people of (that’s the department he’s in at eBay) came out from San Jose to do a training, and since Jeff went to eBay live last year along with Larry (his old supervisor) and Jodi (one of his team members), Jodi decided to throw together a last minute dinner, and we went!  Aside from Susie, Jodi, Larry, Jeff and myself, Jeff’s team lead Brooke was there as well.  I guess as respect for their privacy, we just got pictures of me and Jeff, but the place we went to is called the Bayou and it’s downtown.  They serve cajiun food, and it was DELISH.  They also have the largest beer menu I have ever seen in my life; they server 256 different beers, and have 32 different ones on tap!  Anyway, I had something called Crawfish Etouffee over rice and Jeff had a hamburger.  Here’s some pictures of our night out!

 Yes, we’re drinking alcohol, so we’ll get that out of the way.. spare the lectures please.  We’re responsible drinkers and we drink so infrequently, maybe 3 or 5 times a year at the most, and it’s ALWAYS just one serving of alcohol.  This was actually my first time drinking out in public.  Anyway, this beer I had was… amazing.  One of my issues with beer is that it tastes disgusting.  Being a fruity drink lover, I had the Lindemans Peche: Lambic, which is basically a peach flavored beer, it actually tasted quite a bit like a peach flavored soda, but you could taste that it was alcoholic.  And Jeff, since he has not had good luck with beer, decided to pick his drink based soley off of the name Squatters: Captain Bastard.  I had a sip of it and it can only be described as bitter, and it tasted like they ran it through cofee grinds.  And Jodi had this cherry flavored beer brewed by the same company as the beer I had, and it was just like a cherry flavored soda.. yummies but I like peach more than cherry.
 Here’s the beer menu!  Well, it’s two but I flipped one over and took a picture of both sides, so you could see how extensive it was.
I love this sign, mostly because they drew the ‘greater than or equal to’ onto the sign.
And here’s me and Jeff standing outside of the bar.  We had a GREAT night out!
The food was great, the atmosphere was awesomely loud which I LOVED for some crazy reason, but our waitress.. well she needs to work on her skills.  Everyone’s food came out at once, except for Larry’s.  She looked at him and said “Yours will be out in a few minutes, I dropped your sandwich.” which resulted in his eyes completely bugging out.  He said “I”m so inspecting my food for dirt.” and of course there was teasing involved.  Brooke who was sitting next to Larry looked at his plate and said “Is that a hair?”, which of course freaked him out.  The best part is that we didn’t have to pay for dinner!  I guess Susie got permission to cover our dinner and have it reimbursed by eBay.  Yay!

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