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Home Sweet Home!

>Well, it’s been a week now since we’ve been in our new house and can I say I LOVE being a home owner?  We moved last Saturday, and while we still have a TON of stuff to move and clean at the apartment, it’s been great!  We didn’t get help for moving until 1:00pm, but my BIL Devin (he’s married to Jeff’s sister Melissa) did us a massively huge favor and dropped off his dolly so we could use it to move our appliances in and out of the house, and then Andy, Tim and Luke -he also brought his wife and stepkids- showed up (in that order and they are Jeff’s brothers) helped us take the heavy stuff out to the moving truck and then moved the stuff into the house.  It’s so amazing that moving stuff out of the truck is WAY faster than putting stuff in!

We still aren’t quite completely moved in aside from the obvious fact that we don’t everything that we own here, but we’re planning to make a trip -or two- to the apartment this week to clear it out and clean it up.  What’s awesome is that I was very worried about having to go out and buy a garden hose and lawn mower and other essentials for yardkeeping, but we lucked out and the previous owner left that stuff… and BONUS for me is that there’s even extra base cabinets outside in the shed!  FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC because on of the larger minor expenses I was expecting to have to pay out was a desk and storage space for my crafting stuff in my crafting room, and I was planning on spending about $300 or so doing that; instead all I have to do now is borrow a stud finder, get a length of countertop from IKEA for $80 bucks and some 2×2 and drill some holes and I’ll have a workspace to run the entire length of one wall!  We went to IKEA this weekend to buy some stuff, but we’re planning to make a second trip after the apartment is completely cleaned out and whatnot to go and get a dining room table and the countertop along with laundry baskets and other random stuff, since none of it would fit in our car especially because I need a 9 foot countertop!

I will post pictures of our home, but I need to wash the couch covers and just really organize and put shelves up and everything.  I gotta say, it’s quite interesting being a home owner, and it’s taken a few days, but it’s become a home and not a weird random house.

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