Being in Pain Just Sucks

>So, today started just like any other Monday, until 11:30 when Ruthie scratched my eye.  That’s right, she didn’t poke or jab my eye but scratched it.  And let me tell you the pain was horrible!  I thought she scratched my cornea, but I wasn’t sure.  Until I was able to stand light long enough to look at my eye, and over my iris and pupil there seemed to be a ripple in the reflection.. my eye essentially looked like there was a ‘chip’ in it so to speak, like a chipped round glass marble.  I was able to convince Jeff to take me to the doctor, which was an adventure in itself.

At first I tried to get ahold of an MD eye doctor, but unfortunately they were booked until the end of the month.  That wasn’t going to cut it, so I was able to get ahold of an OD at an eyeglasses place, but they flat out said they were unable to do anything for me.  The receptionist was nice enough to call an MD, and they said they’d be able to squeeze me in.  It’s kind of lame that they couldn’t see me when I called myself, but they were able to see me after the receptionist called.

So we get to the Doctor’s office, and Dr. R literally took a look at my eye and confirmed that in fact, I did have a corneal scratch, and that Ruthie got me; his exact words were “Wow, she got you really good.”  He gave me two different eyedrops; one is an antibiotic, and the other one was eyedrops for pain.  And to protect my cornea from even more damage, they put in a contact.  And I have to say, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be!  It feels a bit strange, but that’s probably being contributed from the fact that my eye’s got an injury.. I’m gonna have to think about doing the switch over to contacts, or at the very least part time.

I know I’m going to be alright now, but I can’t help but admit there was a feeling of panic.  Being hearing impaired for the most part does not bother me.  I’ve dealt with it my entire life, and I’ve adapted and I’ve accepted it as me being me.  I don’t resent the fact that my hearing is not whole; in fact I think it’s shaped and molded me into the person that I am now.  However, I can’t say it doesn’t leave me feeling vulerable, and in the time my eye was scratched and had to use a cold compress to help with the pain, and not being able to see as well as I normally do; well as well as I can see being nearsighted like I am, I have to admit to the underlying panic I felt not being able to see normally.  I rely so much on my eyes and sense of smell, touch -not so much taste-  and also my intuition to get around and about in life, and to have my eye temporarily out of commission, it really scared me.

I know I’m going to be fine now.. hopefully eye rest also known as sleeping will help out, and I just have to keep at it with my eye drops.

On other news, I’m happy to report my garden is really blooming and coming along nicely!  We’ve been getting a lot of rain thanks to el niño, which is really helping out the growth.  I can’t wait to partake the fruits of my labor.  And of course, I’m going to share 🙂

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