I’m Turnin’ the Wheel!

>The steering wheel that is.  After putting it off for who knows how long, I’ve finally got my learner’s permit!  It’s part scary, part liberating and part scary.  I mentioned that already didn’t I?

I better back up a bit.  About 2 weeks ago, we purchased plane tickets to fly my mom and brother Tommy out for Thanksgiving.  At that point we kind of realized us + my mom + my brother + the Saturn = Clown car and Bad Idea.  We started looking for a larger vehicle.. that is to say a mini-van.  We were wanting something that could sit at least 7 people, something that has a sports rack, and a bonus would be a hitch.  And we were looking the free to $2,000 range.  Yeah.. long shot but whatever.  Anyway, last Tuesday, Jeff was presumably bored at work so he was apparently surfing the local classifieds and came across a vehicle.  If I recall correctly he said it was PERFECT for us and that he wanted me to see if it’s still available.  I clicked on the link and the first thing I thought was, “It’s $2,800!”  In other words, about $800 out of our price range.  So, I ended up calling the guy and asking if it was still avaliable, and it was.  Then I asked him about the history and he gave me a very detailed history, and I asked about the mechanical work, and he rattled that off.  Then I typed out to Jeff and condensed everything for him and he said “Ask if he’ll go down to $2,500.” which I did, and the guy said he’d take $2,600.  At that point, I told him we were very interested; however we want to make sure that it would be a good investment and that I’d call him back.  And we researched, and found out it’s a FANTASTIC vehicle.  So, then Jeff had me check our financial spread sheet, and we discovered that we’ll be able to afford it, which is GREAT.  We had the money to pay for it full in cash, and still get by until this Thursday when Jeff gets paid.  Thank goodness he got an extra paycheck this month.  So, I called him back and made arrangements to go and look at it.

Anyway, long story short we have a second car.  It’s a Madza MPV, and while it’s technically considered to be a mini-van it honestly looks more like an SUV, which for me is a plus.  In addition to a sports rack, it also has a hitch and even a sunroof.  That was Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we insured the car, and because we changed the coverage, our premium or whatever it’s called only went up $12 a month.  Which is fine, our insurance will probably be about $70 a month if that.  Then on Thursday we went to the DMV to register it in our name, and earlier that day on impulse I told Jeff “Well, we’re going to the DMV might as well as take the test to get my permit.”  So I studied the manual and quit 2/3 the way through from boredom.  So we went and I PASSED!!!  got 40 out of 50 questions right, which was the minimum requirement.  Then afterward, we went to the library.  However, when we came out we realized someone did a Hit and Run on us!!!  When we parked at the DMV, we were parked next to this HUGE white truck, who decided our vehicle wasn’t worthy enough for them to be careful.  The rear passenger side door is all dented in, and their mirror scratched the last passenger side mirror.  So, driver of big white truck, I HOPE KARMA TAKES A DUMP ON YOUR LIFE.

We went driving on Saturday and Sunday, which is a start.  I’m kind of a crappy driver; however it is something I’m going to have to get adjusted to and hopefully once it finally “clicks” it’s smooth driving from there.  The Madza handles VERY well, so I’m glad I only have to be light on it rather than a lead foot.  And of course, I’m learning to drive defensively.. no crazy nut here!

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