States We’ve Visited

>And when I mean we, I’ve mean me and Jeff.  And I’m not talking about Airport layovers!  I figured since we leave for our trip two weeks from tomorrow, I’d create a ‘before’ map.  And of course, I’ll create one after we get home from our trip!

visited 5 states (10%)
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Obviously, we’ve both been in Utah.. which is the state we live in.  We’ve been to Nevada together, since we’ve gone to a Collective Soul concert in Wendover.  We’ve also been to Virginia together twice, and while we were there for the first time together, we went to Maryland in the car -and sat at the border going into VA to get some pictures- and then we went to this awesome Mexican restaurant in North Carolina.  So.. yeah.  We’re obviously going to be going through more together as a family!

It’s gonna be fun, I can’t wait!

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