>They say pet ownership is rewarding.  Studies have shown that people live longer, have a reduction in stress and therapy animals really help wonders with sick and disabled patients.

They apparently never had their dog end up on a roof.

Now, I know you’re laughing right now, and going “How did THAT happen?”

Well, let me tell you.  Now, I don’t profess myself to be a dog whisperer or psychic, so I can’t tell you what was going on through Casey’s head when he did this.  But my inlaws have a deck in their back yard, and it USED to be two levels.. the second level being on the roof that’s slightly higher than this portion.. you can see it in the top middle, or at least the metal flashing.  Anyways, a few years back, they had the back part of the roof replaced, and due to the unstable nature of the top level deck -it was a DDIY or Don’t Do It Yourself- and they had it taken down.  Except they didn’t have the stairs taken down.  There’s a window on the back of the house, and I guess it’s a great fire escape route from the second floor.  Anyways, The Sunday before last, Zoe got Casey to come up through the roof and got yelled at because he probably wanted to come in the house through the window.  Well, we let the dogs in and I think rather than wait for someone to open the back door, he decided he was going to go through the window and get in the house himself.  But that didn’t work.

We think at this point, Casey got confused and went down the wrong way, and obviously started panicking when he realized there were no stairs to get down the side of the house and get all four paws planted on the ground again.  So, this is a picture of Jeff trying to get him to move forward one foot to get ahold of his collar and drag him down to the edge so he can go ahead and pick him up off the roof (Jeff’s standing on something the roof isn’t actually that low).  But that wasn’t working.  So I ran upstairs, expecting Tim -the youngest boy of Jeff’s family of 6 siblings- to be home, but he wasn’t.  Luckily, one of his friends was still there and he was nice enough to hop out the window and help Jeff get Casey down by grabbing his collar and shoving him forward a foot and holding him there while Jeff got him off the rest of the way.

Moral of the story?  Dogs don’t belong on roofs.  We’ll see if Casey does this again.

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