>Baby’s First picture!


Here’s the baby!  It’s little head is to the left, and you can see it’s hand right above the head.  Then to the right you can see it’s legs.  During the ultrasound, it was alternating kicking it’s legs; it would kick one and then bring it up and then kick the other and bring it up, and it was also rocking back and forth and waving it’s arms around.. totally looked like it was kickboxing!  It also looks like there’s some boy parts; however, it could be the umbilical cord… I’ve got baby boy fever or something!

The doctor put my due date back to April 23rd, however I think my estimation of April 13th is still correct.  Mostly beacuse the baby’s legs were stretched out further than they would have been if it was only 9 weeks old and if her date is correct, then I would have gotten a positive pregnancy test at THREE weeks instead of five, which basically means one week after conception.. which I don’t think can happen.  You miss your period 2 weeks after conception, not one, and I took the test the day my period was due.  I wasn’t going to argue my point, because… yeah.

Here’s the difference between nine weeks and eleven weeks.  At nine weeks, the baby’s arms are still really stubby and short, so there’s really no way that the baby’s hand would be that far away from the body if they were stubby 9 week arms.  Plus, as you can sort of see, the top (left leg) is in mid extension, and that’s not possible if I was 9 weeks, cuz they can’t stretch that far!  Nor do they have knees.

Anyway, I guess we’ll see what happens when I have my mid pregnancy ultrasound!

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