Baggy Taggy!

I -sort of- got bag tagged! Basically what you do is take the contents of your bag -purse, diaper bag what have you- and take a picture of the bag itself, and then you take out the contents and photograph them too! No cheating you can’t throw trash away or anything.
Anyway, since I have a small infant I currently do not use my purse. So here’s my diaper bag! Here’s my diaper bag. It can be worn like a backpack and it’s covered in plastic to protect the fabric. I’m quite fond of it!

My Diaper Bag!


Stuff in my diaper bag!

Here’s what was in my bag: vehicle registration for my FIL’s van. Since we’ve used it for fishing last year and currently using it as storage for the rest of the stuff from our old apartment. Then you can see my keys; those are pretty self explanatory. ::wink::. Then you can see two different sized diapers; one’s for Zoe and one’s for Ruthie. Then the black thing is my wallet which has my debit cards and whatnot. I’m a smart consumer and I don’t carry my SSN card with me at all; something that’s not very safe. Then the little cloth ball thing are a pair of Ruthie’s socks, and those are a pair of her pants. Then there’s two tubes of Powdered Formula for when My Mother in Law babysits the girls. Then there’s a tiny box of Raisins. And the last thing is the current Book I’m reading called 10 Stupid Things Couples do to Mess Up Their Relationships by Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

There’s my Diaper Bag. So yeah. Enjoy!

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