Odgen Dinosaur Park!

This past Saturday, we went up to the Ogden Dinosaur Park to celebrate Zoe’s friend Rafe’s 3rd birthday! We had alot of fun as a family. Silly me didn’t get any pictures of the four of us there, but we got plenty of Zoe having a blast! They’ve got sculptures of the dinosaurs and whatnot, but they’ve also got a huge playground area which was filled with other little kids and their families. Here’s some of the pictures!


Here's Zoe peeking through a nostril of a large horned dinosaur skull!


Here she is coming down a slide! She loves slides, they are her favorite things at parks!


Petting a snake!

The park also holds a reptile rescue center and here’s Zoe petting a snake. The whole time she was petting it she was doing her little happy dance and saying stuff like “CUTE!” and “So soft!” and she also got a bit sad when she was told she couldn’t hold it. I wish we had gotten a picture of her face while petting the snake, but oh well. The guy holding the snake was really impressed with how calm and sweet she was with the snake. Not many little kids will pet snakes, and especially not little girls!

I'm a T-Rex!

Here’s an animatronic Adolescent Tyrannosaurus Rex. I didn’t get a picture of the whole scene, but it’s supposed to be attacking a Triceratops Mother with small young. I did an old picture affect just because.

Afterwards we headed back to Rafe’s house to have hotdogs and stuff for dinner. We were the only non-family members there since none of our other friends could make it but we still had fun. The family is full of such great people!

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