Zoe’s new ‘do.

>Zoe’s hair had been getting long, and because of her weird hair growth pattern, It hasn’t been growing evenly.. like a middle layer will grow slower than the other layers, that sort of thing. Anyway, her bangs have been getting long as well so I decided after giving her a shower on Monday to go ahead and trim her hair. It was going along fine until she jerked and I accidentally cut off way more than I wanted to, so she now has a bob. I was planning to only take off 1 inch but wound up taking two off. Either way it looks cute!
Here’s Zoe’s haircut BEFORE. This was taken about three or so weeks ago, I’m not sure of the exact date. You can tell how the layers are all uneven and whatnot. nothing I could really do about this, it’s how her hair grew in and how it sits on her head. Her bangs are also really long as well.

Here’s her hair AFTER. She’s facing the other way but you can get the idea. Her hair isn’t laying flat down properly, but the cut is much neater on her and I personally think it’s cute and spunky! I wish I had more pictures, but these are the only ones I have.

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