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Checkup Time!

>Ruthie was supposed to have her 6 month check up about two weeks ago, but the Pediatrician had to go out of town so it got rescheduled to today.

She wouldn’t lie still on the scale, so I had to sit her up, which she liked.  she weighed in at 16 pounds, 15.4 ounces.  Then we laid her down on the examination table and she was measured at 27.67 inches long!  Dr. A commented on how big she is; he said she’s about the size of a 9 month old!  What a BIG GIRL!  She’s sitting up on her own now -we have to put her into a sitting position since she can’t get herself sitting yet- and last week she started saying MAMA!!  Of course, she usually says it when she’s mad, but sometimes she’ll randomly say it.  And when I look at her she smiles and giggles.  She’s not saying it all the time, but that’s still exciting.  Anyway here’s some pictures of the girls.

This is Zoe at the park by Jeff’s parents’ house on Sunday, August 17th.  She’s going up the playground equipment on her own; Jeff’s off camera though waiting at the top.  I just love how she’s climbing with confidence.

 Here’s Zoe on the swing.  After a bad incident last fall before Ruthie was born, she seems to have forgotten about nearly falling out of the swing and having a blast.

Here’s Ruthie sitting up big on Jeff’s parents’ front lawn, she’s looking off camera at Wendy.  I love when small babies look at the camera, but some of the better pictures are when they are looking off camera.

This is just adorable.  I finally got Ruthie to look at the camera and she’s scowling at me.

And here’s Ruthie and Jeff having a moment!  I’m glad I was able to capture a real moment, not a created one.

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