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Vandalism or Art?


Zoe LOVES to color.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had the foresight to buy her any coloring books or any new crayons or colored pencils lately since she breaks the crayons everytime we give them to her.  She took my prismacolor colored pencils a while ago and was intent on coloring with them, and after we firmly told her to give them to me, the face she pulled was HEARTBREAKING.  She was just so sad and upset I teared up looking at her.  So I’ve been letting her play with my stamps and she’s pretty good about keeping them in one place and not getting ink all over the place.  She also wanted to color the stamped images she did so I found some broken crayons in various places and gave them to her.  And well, last week when I wasn’t looking she colored all over the blinds leading out to the patio.  I caught her again doing it and after telling her not to do it, she got the same look on her face, which has strengthen my resolve to get her some type of coloring book or something next time we’re at the store.  Anyway, Zoe decided to take pictures of her ‘artwork’.
Here’s a zoom out of what she did.  I should mention she somehow marked ALL of the blinds.  I should mention that ZOE took this picture as well as the one below!
 And here’s a closeup.  I know I need to clean it off, but at the same time, I don’t have the heart to.  I’m a weird person like that.
I should also announce that Ruthie now has TWO TEETH!  The first one broke out around August 26th, and the second broke out between Sunday, September 14th, and Monday, September 15th.  She was EXTREMELY cranky that night and by the morning her tooth was poking out.  Here’s the first picture of her with just one tooth.
What a pretty smile!  She was so happy since this was the first picture.  I tried a few more, but she kept getting grumpier and grumpier everytime that flash went off.

This one was just taken a few minutes ago while Jeff and Zoe were at Hollywood getting some new movies.  You can see her two teeth easily!
And I don’t know if you can tell in these pictures, but her hair has really lightened up since she was born.  She’s also got a good head of fuzzy hair, which is WAY more than Zoe did at this age. Zoe was still a baldie until after her first birthday.  We’re not sure what color Ruthie’s hair will be a this point, but it’s pretty obvious it’s not black, but it’s not blonde either. It’s taking on a reddish hue so who knows.. I may get my red headed baby after all!
Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent pictures of Zoe since she likes to take pictures versus having pictures taken of her.  However here are two that have been taken in the last month or so.
Here’s one she took of her feet.  Zoe has an unusual talent with taking pictures of random stuff and them coming out well.  I guess she wanted a picture of her pink toenails.  She’s extremely obsessed with toenail polish and fingernail polish; if it’s chipped she freaks out and wants me to reapply polish for her.
Here’s one of Zoe vegging out in front of the TV.  I’m not sure what she’s watching, but I love how she’s munching on shredded carrots.  She’ll go into the fridge, get something out and eat it.  I usually have to remind her to put it back when she’s done though, but she LOVES when we have fruit and stuff for her to eat.  She’ll request candy if we have it but usually it’s fruit or veggies of some type.  Zoe has a well balanced diet; people are completely amazed at what she’ll eat especially when their kids eat very little stuff or are just stuck on the good ole “chicken nuggets and cheetos with juice” diet.

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