Eight Times Five Tag & Extra

>I got tagged by Linda, and I’m finally getting around to answering the questions!

Eight TV Shows that I LOVE to watch:
*I should add I do not watch TV anymore but the shows I’d like to watch are:

  1. Cold Case Files
  2. Days of Our Lives
  3. Mythbusters
  4. What Not to Wear
  5. Trading Places
  6. Diagnosis X
  7. Extreme Home Makeover (my guilty favorite)
  8. Mystery Diagnosis

Eight things I did yesterday: (not in any specific order)
  1.  Got up out of bed.
  2. Played World of Warcraft.
  3. Sat on the phone for 25 minutes with Toys R Us customer service.
  4. Went to Robert’s Arts & Crafts.
  5. Cooked dinner.
  6. Played with Zoe.
  7. Breastfed Ruthie.
  8. Went to bed.

Eight Favorite Places to eat:

  1. Souper Salad
  2. Wendy’s
  3. Lonestar Steakhouse
  4. Blimpie’s
  5. Subway’s
  6. Carl Jr’s
  7. Crown Burger
  8. Tres Hombres

Eight Things I’m looking Forward to:

  1. Putting up our first real family Christmas tree!
  2. Finish buying ornaments for said Christmas tree!
  3. Zoe’s third birthday.
  4. Ruthie’s First Christmas.
  5. Getting my new Cricut Machine.
  6. Seeing the girls in their matching Halloween costumes.
  7. Wrath of the Lich King Expansion release next month!
  8. Getting my Christmas shopping and Zoe’s birthday shopping done early!

Eight Things on my wishlist:

  1. My new cricut to get here safe and sound.
  2. Saving up enough money to buy a house.
  3. My dad coming out for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  4. My mom & brother coming out for Christmas.
  5. My sister moving out here next year.
  6. Getting a good deal on a new TV since ours is going out.
  7. Paying our car off early next year.
  8. Being able to take a trip to Virginia in 2010!

And I got a request from my dear cousin Liz to post more pictures of the girls and of us.. and I will since tonight is the Trunk or Treat at Jeff’s parents’ ward!  I’m excited to get pictures of the girls in their matching costumes… speaking of which, I need to get ready for that!

And I only have  Valerie to tag.. so Valerie, you’re it! to do the tag that is.. hehe.

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