Our Christmas


Well, I finally got around to taking the time to post our Christmas pictures!  We didn’t get alot of gifts for the girls, something we’ll never do, but we did get enough pictures.

The first picture is Zoe’s reaction to our exclaims of “Get up Zoe, Santa came and left you and Ruthie presents under the Christmas tree!”  She was embarrassed about it for some reason and decided to hide under the covers.  After about 5 minutes of waiting, Jeff decided to get her out of bed, and she brought along her Dora Pillow book to hide under.
Zoe was really shy about the presents until she caught sight of the giant penguin.  After that she was much more open to the idea of presents and opening them.  And there’s Ruthie in the corner smiling at the camera.  The next picture is slightly out of sequence; however she was WAY excited to see a treasure chest with a blanket and a tent inside of it.

Here’s the blanket that was in the treasure Chest.  She adores butterflies and the color purple, so that’s what she got; a purple butterfly blanket.  The other side is a lighter shade of fleece in a solid color.  Zoe’s always playing with the etch-a-sketch in the checkout, so we figured to ask Santa to bring her one.  She enjoys playing with it, but I think her favorite thing is to shake it to make the lines disappear.

The last thing Santa brought Zoe was a Smurfette doll that came with a one episode DVD (Romeo and Smurfette in case any of you were wondering what episode it was)  She enjoyed watching the DVD so much, we went ahead and downloaded the whole first Season for her to watch, and she’s completely enjoying that.  The next picture is a present from her Grandma Teresa (my Mom) which is a laptop with letters and numbers.  The neat thing about it that you can set the age of the child on the laptop so it grows with your child.
 As you can see, Zoe’s the most excited about CLOTHES!  I didn’t get a picture of the other outfit, but it was a purple velour jumpsuit with a purple shirt; this one was a red top with pink pants, and again it was from Grandma Teresa.  Ruthie got this toy from Grandma Teresa; it’s one of those things where you stick the toy in the correctly shaped hole (in case you couldn’t tell ::wink wink::)
 These two presents were brought to Ruthie by Santa!  This was her first Christmas, so I don’t think she quite understands what’s going on, but she really did like the ball! It shakes and moves and sings when the baby plays with it; it’s supposed to encourage the baby to crawl after it.  Ruthie likes to hold toys in her hand as she crawls around, so this ball will get her going to chase it.. or it’s supposed to anyway.  She mostly sits and pokes at it.  Ruthie also really likes the seahorse, when you squeeze it, the belly lights up and it plays music.  She seems to be soothed by it, so that’s a good sign.  Of course, she’s staring at it funny because she’s unsure exactly what it is; she’s since warmed up to it.
 These last two presents are from Grandma Teresa once again; the first picture is of an outfit, and the second one is pajamas with the little girl cat from Aristocats.. I honestly don’t remember her name.  Unfortunately, Zoe’s quite fond of cats and was a bit upset that they were not her pajamas.  But she’s okay with that.
The girls overall enjoyed their Christmas.  They got cute tutus from Uncle Andy and his family, and Zoe likes to play with hers; Ruthie really isn’t that crazy about hers, but I do plan on getting pictures of the girls later on wearing their tutus, they’re going to look adorable!

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