New Year Reminisce

>Got this off of Monica’s blog. I wasn’t tagged specifically but I wanted to do it anyway to reminisce. I figured it would be a great way to kick off the year even though we’re 16 days into it as my first entry.

20 Years Ago…
1. I was three and a half.
2. I had just acquired a new sister who I apparently enjoyed tying to the crib. Thank goodness Zoe never did this to Ruthie.
3. I liked sharing ice cream cones with dogs.

10 Years Ago…
1. I was thirteen.
2. I moved in with my mom at the end of my 8th grade year.
3. I was growing out of my tomboy stage.

5 years ago…
1. I had just turned eighteen.
2. I had just moved away from Virginia and here in Utah after meeting Jeff on the internet.
3. I was coping with and being an adult away from home for the first time. Wasn’t easy I tell ya!

3 years ago…
1. I was twenty.
2. Jeff and I had moved out of his parent’s basement and we were in our first apartment.
3. We became parents for the first time thanks to Zoe’s arrival.

1 year ago…
1. I was twenty two.
2. I just gave birth to our second baby.
3. We were in a horrible apartment and wanting out of it.

This year so far…
1. We’re in a new apartment that we love!
2. Zoe has learned how to sass back and causing me enormous frustration.
3. We’ve started the process of buying our first home!

1. I went to Robert’s and spent money on scrapbooking supplies.
2. I fixed the camera after Zoe dropped it funny, by dropping it funny myself.
3. I completed 2 scrapbooking layouts and nearly finished Ruthie’s birthday card invitations.

1. I finished two more scrapbooking layouts.
2. I did a load of laundry, cooked dinner and got sassed at by Zoe.
3. Ruthie took some steps pushing her (Zoe’s old) hippo toy for the first time on her own. Of course she was grumpy the whole time.

1. We’re going to eat lunch at Souper Salad.
2. Go by Jeff’s parents’ house to figure out what happened to the web-hosting server computer.
3. Get back Twilight from Shayla and give her New Moon to read. Another Twilight addict in the world!

Next Year…
1. We’ll hopefully be settled into a new house.
2. We’ll have our car paid off.
3. Zoe stops sassing back.

I tag Linda and Valerie or whoever else wants to do this.

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