It’s About Time!

>For what you ask?

RUTHIE IS NOW WALKING!  She turned 14 months old yesterday, and decided today that walking was cool, so she started walking around.

She’s still not doing it full time, but she’s finally walking around by herself.  Eventually she’ll get the hang of it and start walking full time.

This is fantastic, because I was starting to get worried.  She’s a bit behind with certain things when I compare her to Zoe’s development, but I have to realize the girls are two seperate beings, and that they are VERY different than each other.  I suppose on the flip side, she’s done firsts earlier than Zoe did, particularly with saying Mama.

Anyway, I’m EXCITED!  Now all she has to do is reach 20 pounds so we can put her in a forward facing carseat.  I was lucky enough to be given a gift card by a friend to Babies R Us, and with what I was able to purchace a nicer carseat for Ruthie a few months ago.  Mucho loves to my friends R&T H!!!

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