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Easter 2009!

>This is actually our first year of doing Easter with the whole works.  Last year, the girls got baskets, but that was about it, considering we had just moved into the apartment easter weekend, so we were too busy to do anything else.  But this year in addition to getting baskets, we colored eggs; well just me and Zoe did, Jeff was busy fixing something at the time so he didn’t participate.

Here’s us coloring eggs.  Zoe did such a great job scooping the eggs carefully out of the dye cups and placing them down on the paper towel to dry, and she also helped mix up the dye to color the eggs.
Here’s Zoe holding her egg with her name on it.  We also did an egg for everyone in the family, as you can see.
Here’s all the eggs we colored.  We did boil all eighteen eggs that were in the carton; however three of them cracked while boiling, so instead of coloring those, we just ate them.
Here are the girls’ baskets.  The Easter Bunny decided to leave the baskets outside of their bedroom doors.  The pink one is Zoe’s, and the purple one belongs to Ruthie.  Zoe thought the Easter Mr. Potato head was awesome, so awesome that she liked it enough to be embarassed by liking it so much; something that happens quite frequently.  She usually hides herself or just her face if that’s the case, and she hid under her table for about 5 minutes before we told her to come out and look at it.  Ruthie got two Easter themed Little People toys.
We had Easter dinner at my SIL Melissa’s house.  It was supposed to be at Jeff’s parents’ house, but the heating element went out in her stove so she wouldn’t have been able to cook dinner.  Anyway, Melissa has a row of daffodils in front of her porch, and Zoe LOVES to pick flowers, so she picked a daffodil and like with all flowers.. she had to smell it!  I also love the expression on her face in the second picture; especially because somewhere we have a picture of Jeff with the exact same expression on his face, and I’m pretty sure it was a picture taken on Easter as well.  I’m not completely sure if I remember the picture correctly; but either way it’s pretty funny.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

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