Squash Update

>Well, three weeks later, and there’s been definite change in how the garden looks!  I went out this morning to check how it’s growing, and WOW my squash plants not only have squash, they are cute and chubby, and more are on the way!  So, on with the pictures.

So, I know the picture isn’t the greatest; I’ll get out there later and take a better picture; as well as update on the tomatoes and bell peppers.  But there’s a definite change since I took pictures three weeks ago!  If you have to refresh your memory; click here.

Here are the cute and chubby squash.  As far as I can tell, these are the only three that are this size, so I’m geeked!  I’ve decided I need to name them, but I can’t think of any names right now.  And if you’re wondering what ‘this size is’, here’s a comparision with my hand.

Well, roughly anyway.  I don’t have very large hands, so this ought to give you some idea.  They are all roughly the same size; however I think this one is the largest of the three.  I do plan on being a nerd and going out there and measuring them to see how long they are and find out their girths.  And there’s a few more starting that are roughly the size of my thumb; but a little skinnier.

And I can HONESTLY say that’s how big these squash were last time I checked on Tuesday!  And yes, squash are flowering plants.  I hear squash flowers are actually quite delicious with cheese; however I believe you’re actually supposed to do this with zucchini blossoms.

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