It Could Have Ended Badly….

>So, tonight for dinner we had a beans and rice with tomatoes and sausage dish.. it’s great because you can cook it in one pot.. although I use my rice cooker to make sure the rice cooks without scorching the beans.  Anyway, the best way to cook the sausage we decided was to grill it; we’ve done the dish a few times before and we do it with the grill everytime.. works GREAT!  It really brings out the smoky flavor in the sausage.

Anyways, Jeff doesn’t like cleaning the grill, and I guess there was a bit of grease on it.  So after he finished cooking the sausage, he decided to ‘burn the grease off’ and just left the grill on while he came inside to cut up the sausage.  BTW, our grill is propane fueled, but we buy the little canisters since they are cheaper than the huge ones.  Our friend Cooper shows up -his wife Ngaire and daughter Azzie were already here since I watch Azzie on Mondays and Fridays and Jeff brings Ngaire home with him from work since they both work at eBay- and walks in and says in a converstational tone “You know your grill is on fire right?”

Jeff responded with, “Yeah, I know, I left it on.”  And Cooper said “It’s actually on fire.”  So we go outside to see what he’s talking about.. and lo and behold.. the whole right side was engulfed in flames.  Jeff thought turning it off would solve the problem.. but it didn’t. 

Instead, the flames got larger.  So then I started getting a bit worried and said, “Jeff go get the fire extiguisher.”   He responded with “No, it’ll go down on it’s own eventually.”  And I said,  “No, Jeff go get the fire extinguisher, it’s not going down.”  So then he says “Fine!” in this.. tone of his so we go inside to get the fire extinguisher and while I cleaned up the mess I made in pulling the tab off -it went flying and hit the food and almost knocked all of our sausage on the floor- Jeff was able to quickly put it out.

Alas, we had a casualty.  The part where you cook the food on MELTED.  I guess it’s made out of aluminum or something because under normal circumstances, it should not have done that.

Jeff’s famous last words?  “Well, we know now that trying to burn off grease doesn’t work.”

I swear, Jeff’s got more redneck in him than I do!

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