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Lagoon Day!

>This past Saturday was eBay’s company family party at Lagoon, and of course we went, and we also went with our friends Cooper, Ngaire and Azrael L.  Cooper is one of Jeff’s best friends, and of course Ngaire and I have become very close friends as well.  Azrael is their (almost) 10 month old daughter, and I watch her twice a week.  Most of the pictures are of Zoe mostly because it was her first time ever going to Lagoon and I wanted to capture her expression and experience there.

This ride is called Bulgy the Whale, and it was the first ride she went on.  And as you can tell by the picture, she HAD NO CLUE how to react.  After getting off we asked her “Did you have fun?” to which she promptly responded with “I want to slide.”

This ride is called Red Baron.. I think.  Anyway, she was starting to loosen up on this ride, however she spazzed out when the attendant unbuckled her and she lost sight of where I was at.  We explained to her that it’s their jobs to help kids in and out of the rides, and she was okay after that.

This ride is called the Dragonfly.  Zoe REALLY liked this one.   This was taken right before the ride started, and I guess she was looking down to figure out what was going on.

This next ride is called Helicopters.  Zoe really started getting into the whole ride thing at this point, especially when Jeff told her about how the bar works to make it go up and down.

Here’s Zoe in the little boat ride called… Baby Boats.  Every time Zoe went past us, we’d all say “Hi Zoe!” but of course she only said hi to Ngaire.  Go figure!

We decided to take a soothing -and shaded- ride on the train.  Here’s the four of us together.  It’s a shame Jeff’s head got cut off, but that’s what happens when you’re tall!

And here’s Cooper, Ngaire and Azrael.  What a fun bunch of people.

And here’s Jeff and Zoe on the Space Scrambler.  She LOVED it!  At first she was a bit nervous, but eventually she let her inhibitions fly and she was putting her arms up and going “Wheee!!”.  Jeff made the comment that he must be getting old because he was actually nauseous from it.  Well with a name like “Scrambler”, what else do you expect?

You’ll notice that Ruthie’s not in many pictures, since we thought she was too young to enjoy the experience… but definitely next year!  We’ll also be hitting Lagoona Beach too, it was SO HOT.

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