Adventures at the Gas Station!

>After lunch today, Jeff and I came home, switched the carseats out of the Saturn and into the Mazda so I could practice driving.  Our first stop was to the library.  Considering we’re about two blocks away, it wasn’t a big deal.  I had to straighten out and park again, but other than that it was smooth.  Ruthie kept pulling books off the shelf, but otherwise it was an uneventful trip.  As we were leaving, I realized that the fuel light was on, so we went and got gas.  That was interesting to say the least!

At first, I had pulled too closely to the pump station, so I had to back out and straighten out a bit.  Then, after debating with Jeff, we decided that I need to learn how to put gas in the car.  So, I got out, inserted my debit card to pay, and that went smoothly.  Then, I got out to put the nozzle in the car and squooze it, but nothing was coming out.  After trying a few times, Jeff finally got out of the car to see what was going on, right around the time the nice lady on the other side of the pump came around to help out.  Apparently, I forgot to select the fuel I wanted!  Kind of embarrassing.  Anyway, after picking the fuel and everything, I then had learned  about the awesome clip that holds it in for you!  So I was watching the fuel and the total for the gas was $20.02!  We only put in $20 at a time.. and that honestly doesn’t really get us alot of gas, I felt impressed with myself that I got it just two cents over!

I’m improving with my driving too… learning how to start turning before I’m ready to turn so I’m not having to do 90 degree turns and cranking the wheel too quickly.  We didn’t drive for very long today because Jeff wanted to come home and take a nap; since he went in and worked a bit of overtime so he could catch up.. when there’s only 4 people on his team and there’s supposed to be triple that.. there’s a tendency to fall behind!  I’m proud of Jeff and his team, they seem to be doing a decent job keeping their heads above water.

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