Farm Life in the ‘Burbs

>Okay, I do have to admit, I’ve done some ‘farmin’ in my time since buying our house.  I did have a garden that overall was successful this past year.  But I never expected to have to skin my own dinner!

We bought a bone-in pork roast last week, and Jeff said that’s what he wanted for dinner tonight.  So like the good wife that I am, I went up in the kitchen to start dinner, and I noticed that it had quite a bit of fat, so I decided before putting in the roast pan to trim some of the fat off.. we try to eat healthy around here!  I noticed that there was quite a bit of what I thought was fat on the bottom of the roast, and so I picked it up to trim off the fat.. and it wasn’t fat but SKIN!

Now, I do have to have to admit, I’m not ignorant enough to assume the grocery stores get the meat all cutely packaged and ready for consumers.  I know they get their meat products pretty much the same way it comes out of the slaughterhouse.. and in this case I’m sure they get the whole side of pig with the skin on it and then their butchers divide the meat up, skin it, debone it.. etc.. except this time they forgot to skin the pig.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure how I”m supposed to react here.  I’m a bit grossed out because it looks like people skin, but at the same time, I’m quite… adventurous and I’m up for doing pretty much anything that other people would NOT do under any circumstances as long as it’s not going to land me in jail.  But on the other hand, someone at the grocery store did NOT do their job properly and we PAID for this… and meat isn’t exactly cheap so there’s half a pound of what should have been meat thrown in the trash.  Granted though, we did waste some money on the bone.. but we knew it was bone in roast so that’s not a big deal.

Of course, I’m sure that I could have cooked it up into cracklins or chicharones, but we don’t have enough oil to fry that up.  And I don’t have the know-how either.  And on the other hand, I’m a bit thrilled because now I can say that I’ve skinned a pig.

Or at least a portion of it.

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