>As 2009 Comes to a Close (part one)…

>I can’t help but look back at the kind of year it’s been.  I’d say a good one!  I’ll try to briefly recap each month, maybe include a few pictures.

January:  Nothing too exciting happened, except that we decided to start looking for a house to buy.  We met with Greg our Real estate agent, and looked at a few houses.  One house we looked at we had put an offer on it, but our offer got rejected by the bank… here’s why I loved the house:

Now when we drive by the house, we tell people it’s our “Almost House”!

February: Ruthe turned one on February 9th!  It was an amazing first year with her, and we had her birthday party at my inlaw’s house.  And in one year, she went from looking like this:

To this:

Nothing changed too much, except that her hair grew in lighter, she got bigger and got teeth.  I love her nose.. it’s so cute and reminds me of a button mushroom, which looks like this:

See what I mean!?

Ruthie’s first birthday marked the last party we’ll ever have at my inlaws’ because five days before her birthday, we found our house! We saw the house on February 4th and fell in love.  The seller had the house listed for $175k, and the next day we put in an offer of $165k and the seller pays closing, and he countered with $167k and he’ll pay closing.  We got a FANTASTIC DEAL!  We had our house inspection on February 11th, and that went well.  Here’s my favorite picture from the inspection:

I’m such a spider monkey sometimes.  Zoe of course was screaming on the ground thinking I was going to get hurt or something.

March: The appraisal was done on the house on March 3rd, and our house was appraised at $175k.  We signed closing papers on March 12th, changed the locks on March 13th by Jeff’s dad who’s a locksmith.. and good thing we did!  The locks on the back door did not work properly and the measurements were off, so the door didn’t really even shut properly.  Then we moved in on March 14th!

April:  Nothing much happened in April, except Easter.  Zoe and I did color Easter eggs, and that’s something that’ll become a tradition I think.

Here’s a digital layout I did for Easter.  Cute eh?  The Easter Bunny left behind baskets for the girls by their bedroom doors.

May:  Again, nothing too exciting happened, except for the first Mother’s Day ever, Jeff cooked me Mother’s Day breakfast!  It was quite nice, and we even got an extra yolk in one of our eggs!

I think it’s a bit creepy knowing that the egg, if it was allowed to hatch would have had conjoined twin chicks.. or something like that.

June:  That was a month of crazy stuff… on June 8th, I suffered a corneal scratch.  I knew as soon as Ruthie’s nail came up and hit me in the eye it was NOT a poke.  Jeff initially did not want to take me to the doctor, but when he came home from work that day, my one eyed squinty glare at him forced him to cave in.  We found out that in fact, there WAS something more than just a poke, and that I couldn’t just ‘walk it off’.  I ended up getting put on loratab for the pain, plus antibiotic drops as well as local drops for pain control.  My eye ended up swelling up badly enough that the rest of the top layer of my cornea sloughed off.  Eventually it healed, and now my eye’s back to normal.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ll post the later half of the year later, as well as post pictures from Zoe’s birthday and Christmas!

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