>25 Days of Gratitude Posts; Day Three

>(Trying to play catch up here! Bear with me please)

Since she’s the next one in line, this post is gonna be about Ruthie.

We were a tad nervous about trying for another baby after having Zoe. We were concerned that my Endometriosis would cause problems; enough where I mentioned them to my doctor who said he’d put me on Clomid if we ended up not being able to conceive after 6 months. Thankfully -and yes, shockingly- It was just one try; I got pregnant right away.

So, what can I say about Ruthie? Her birth was quite a bit easier than Zoe’s, mostly due to the great staff that I had supporting me when she was born.

Hi Ruthie! She was .3 oz heavier than Zoe.

The funny thing is, she still makes the exact same face when she cries, even now. Ruthie was actually named after Jeff’s Grandma Ruth; we decided to add the “ie” to make it.. well less old lady. Of course, she’ll be an old lady someday and then it’ll fit but I think it just makes the name sound sweeter.

Ruthie’s not quite the complete opposite of Zoe. They are sisters after all, but while Zoe’s more intellect and logic, Ruthie’s more emotional and more aware of her emotions. They both still have their moments and can be equally stubborn, but it’s easy to tell that they love each other very much.

Ruthie also has a touch of absentmindedness that Zoe doesn’t have; bless her. She was easier to potty train; mostly because she fell for whatever excuse that we fed her; so as a result she was potty trained at 2 years and 4 months. Insert funny video taken while we were potty training her:

Ruthie’s best trait in my opinion though is her sense of humor, even when she’s not trying to be funny.


[We’re on our way home from dinner at Jeff’s parents’; Ruthie’s been talking up a storm the whole ride home.]
Me [annoyed at the fact she hasn’t stopped talking for 15 minutes]: Ruthie, can you please be quiet?
Ruthie [sincerely]: How do I do that?

Or more recently:
[We’re pulling into the carport after running errands]
Ruthie [very alarmed]: Oh no! Our Mazda is gone!
Jeff [in a fit of laughter]: We’re in the Mazda Ruthie.
Ruthie: Oh.

My favorite though is from when my dad was here:
My dad: Ruthie, did you know you’re pretty?
Ruthie [very matter-of-factly and self assured]: Yes I am!

She also has a fun imagination. She enjoys dressing up in their old halloween costumes, and will act like whatever she’s in. The other weekend, she was in a kitty costume, and wanted me -I was in my room getting dressed- and she was on the other side alternating between meowing and saying “Mommy!”
 Zoe [slightly annoyed and impatient]: Ruthie why don’t you just knock?
Ruthie: Because kitties don’t knock on doors!

She’s also very sweet. I don’t know what happened from when I was a kid, to now, but when Ruthie’s getting picked on by Zoe, she’ll run and tell us what Zoe’s doing. Of course we’ll reply with “Do you want us to put her in time out?” or something similar and she’ll start howling “No, don’t do that to my sister!”. Back in my day when you tattled on your sibling, you did it because you want them to get in trouble and punished. Nope, not Ruthie.

And of course, like me she’s difficult to wake up.


But then again, who would want to wake up this sleeping little cutie? Ruthie’s the perfect middle child, she really is; although she’s prone to acting like a diva at times.

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