>25 Days of Gratitude Posts; Day Four

>(Still trying to play catch up!)

Oscar’s last, but not least! I’m not really sure at this point where to start. On one hand, he’s so young, so I can’t really recollect on a few years of memories, but that doesn’t mean nothing he’s not memoriable.

It’s a funny thing, because when I was a teenager, I dated a guy who was a Momma’s Boy. Bugged the heck out of me and it ultimately lead to the end of our relationship, and I kind of at that point swore to myself that if I ever had a boy he was NOT going to be a Momma’s Boy! Already I see myself not standing up to that self promise I made to myself when I was 16.

Oscar’s birth was by far the easiest for me; even though he was the biggest. And he’s also been the most laid back baby as well in terms of sleeping and whatnot. Which is nice, considering that he’s our last baby. On one hand it’s like “Yes, we caught a break, this is our reward for having one more baby and keeping the other two safe!” But I can’t get lulled into complacency, because I know there’s a tiny voice that’s going to start chanting, “Oscar’s so easy, you should have one more because maybe the next one will be even MORE laid back.” That’s dangerous thinking.

I can say this; having Oscar has brought in my mind our family into a full circle. I can finally say without mental hesitation that we’re done; that our family is finally complete. It’s a nice feeling having that sense of wholeness within the family unit. Although if you ask the girls we’re lacking a cat; but still.

I think there’s a certain amount of hilarity involved with the fact he’s a boy and out of all my children; he looks the most like me. He’s got my hair color and skin coloration; however he looks more like my dad than anything else; particularly the ears. I kind of figured it would happen since even in his ultrasound his ears were sticking out. But that’s okay because they are his most precious feature.

Aside from Oscar, the best thing I’ve been able to take from my pregnancy with Oscar is a confirmation of my personal convictions and standing up for them. I was bound and determined to cloth diaper, and it took me a while for Jeff to say yes. I was also -with the help of a neighbor- talk Jeff out of circumcising Oscar. I don’t feel like getting into a debate about it; however I can honestly say had we gone through it, it would have put me in a horrible place mentally. Bringing him home the first night I started having these dreams where I was being chased down by very large crowds of people attempting to kidnap him so they could take him away to circumcise him; and there were even mothers with babies in their arms chasing me so they could distract me and pull a switcheroo. And they continued for a few days. Then, when he was 4 days old, Jeff finally said we didn’t have to do it after all. I was so relieved and happy I nearly cried.

Oscar for me represents that; convictions and perseverance. He’s also got that in his personality along with happiness; even when he’s sick and feeling crummy he always manages to crack a smile and continues to be happy. He’s also got sheer determination, my favorite picture of him is where he was sitting on the floor wearing nothing but socks and a diaper; I had gone to get him something clean to wear. I came back to him with his diaper undone and smiling big.


I ended up putting him in a diaper that has snaps instead of velcro, and I sat him back down on the floor, and of course his hands went back to the front trying to undo the snaps. I love his determination and I sincerely hope its a trait that he continues to have.

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