Ruthie’s Getting Glasses

So, Ruthie’s 4 year old well child checkup was last month, and she got a 20/30 on the vision test, and they told me ‘not to worry about it’. So, of course remembering the results that Zoe got (20/40) I was thinking, “Okay she’s got bad eyesight too, gonna go take her in as well.” Had an eye appointment with her on Tuesday and lo and behold, I was correct. Thankfully her eyesight like Zoe’s could be worse.. both girls are extremely farsighted, and Zoe’s eyes are okay, although one of Ruthie’s eyes slightly drifts in when the other one is closed.

And of course, there’s the ever important “Which glasses do we get?” Question to answer.

"I'm not amused!"

Obviously not these.. as you can tell she was NOT a fan of these glasses!

"That's MUCH better!"

She loved these, but unfortunately they were $10 over the price point where our Insurance would cover them. She looks so stinking cute in these! However the frames were just a smidgen too big for her face.

"I'm a cool cat with these glasses on."'

These are the glasses we ended up getting. They are purple, which is currently her favorite color, they were within the price range for our insurance to cover, which is what I love, and they fit her face perfectly! Of course, she wasn’t taking too kindly to the fact she couldn’t take them home, but hopefully when we pick them up she’ll be happy again.

I am finding some mild amusement due to the fact that the girls need glasses like I do; however I’m severely nearsighted so it’s the opposite vision problem. I also have mild astigmatism in my right eye due to Ruthie gouging out my cornea back in 2009. Jeff and I have discussed taking Oscar in to get his eyes checked in a few months, but for now he seems to be okay.

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