Ruthie Zoe

Vandalism or Art?


Zoe LOVES to color.  Unfortunately, we haven’t had the foresight to buy her any coloring books or any new crayons or colored pencils lately since she breaks the crayons everytime we give them to her.  She took my prismacolor colored pencils a while ago and was intent on coloring with them, and after we firmly told her to give them to me, the face she pulled was HEARTBREAKING.  She was just so sad and upset I teared up looking at her.  So I’ve been letting her play with my stamps and she’s pretty good about keeping them in one place and not getting ink all over the place.  She also wanted to color the stamped images she did so I found some broken crayons in various places and gave them to her.  And well, last week when I wasn’t looking she colored all over the blinds leading out to the patio.  I caught her again doing it and after telling her not to do it, she got the same look on her face, which has strengthen my resolve to get her some type of coloring book or something next time we’re at the store.  Anyway, Zoe decided to take pictures of her ‘artwork’.
Here’s a zoom out of what she did.  I should mention she somehow marked ALL of the blinds.  I should mention that ZOE took this picture as well as the one below!
 And here’s a closeup.  I know I need to clean it off, but at the same time, I don’t have the heart to.  I’m a weird person like that.
I should also announce that Ruthie now has TWO TEETH!  The first one broke out around August 26th, and the second broke out between Sunday, September 14th, and Monday, September 15th.  She was EXTREMELY cranky that night and by the morning her tooth was poking out.  Here’s the first picture of her with just one tooth.
What a pretty smile!  She was so happy since this was the first picture.  I tried a few more, but she kept getting grumpier and grumpier everytime that flash went off.

This one was just taken a few minutes ago while Jeff and Zoe were at Hollywood getting some new movies.  You can see her two teeth easily!
And I don’t know if you can tell in these pictures, but her hair has really lightened up since she was born.  She’s also got a good head of fuzzy hair, which is WAY more than Zoe did at this age. Zoe was still a baldie until after her first birthday.  We’re not sure what color Ruthie’s hair will be a this point, but it’s pretty obvious it’s not black, but it’s not blonde either. It’s taking on a reddish hue so who knows.. I may get my red headed baby after all!
Unfortunately, I don’t have any recent pictures of Zoe since she likes to take pictures versus having pictures taken of her.  However here are two that have been taken in the last month or so.
Here’s one she took of her feet.  Zoe has an unusual talent with taking pictures of random stuff and them coming out well.  I guess she wanted a picture of her pink toenails.  She’s extremely obsessed with toenail polish and fingernail polish; if it’s chipped she freaks out and wants me to reapply polish for her.
Here’s one of Zoe vegging out in front of the TV.  I’m not sure what she’s watching, but I love how she’s munching on shredded carrots.  She’ll go into the fridge, get something out and eat it.  I usually have to remind her to put it back when she’s done though, but she LOVES when we have fruit and stuff for her to eat.  She’ll request candy if we have it but usually it’s fruit or veggies of some type.  Zoe has a well balanced diet; people are completely amazed at what she’ll eat especially when their kids eat very little stuff or are just stuck on the good ole “chicken nuggets and cheetos with juice” diet.
Ruthie Zoe

Checkup Time!

>Ruthie was supposed to have her 6 month check up about two weeks ago, but the Pediatrician had to go out of town so it got rescheduled to today.

She wouldn’t lie still on the scale, so I had to sit her up, which she liked.  she weighed in at 16 pounds, 15.4 ounces.  Then we laid her down on the examination table and she was measured at 27.67 inches long!  Dr. A commented on how big she is; he said she’s about the size of a 9 month old!  What a BIG GIRL!  She’s sitting up on her own now -we have to put her into a sitting position since she can’t get herself sitting yet- and last week she started saying MAMA!!  Of course, she usually says it when she’s mad, but sometimes she’ll randomly say it.  And when I look at her she smiles and giggles.  She’s not saying it all the time, but that’s still exciting.  Anyway here’s some pictures of the girls.

This is Zoe at the park by Jeff’s parents’ house on Sunday, August 17th.  She’s going up the playground equipment on her own; Jeff’s off camera though waiting at the top.  I just love how she’s climbing with confidence.

 Here’s Zoe on the swing.  After a bad incident last fall before Ruthie was born, she seems to have forgotten about nearly falling out of the swing and having a blast.

Here’s Ruthie sitting up big on Jeff’s parents’ front lawn, she’s looking off camera at Wendy.  I love when small babies look at the camera, but some of the better pictures are when they are looking off camera.

This is just adorable.  I finally got Ruthie to look at the camera and she’s scowling at me.

And here’s Ruthie and Jeff having a moment!  I’m glad I was able to capture a real moment, not a created one.

Financial Goals

>Jeff and I have been married for over three years now, and we’ve talked about owning our own home.. what we want in a home, where we would want to live; that type of thing.  Well, for the first time, we’re actually planning ahead for our future home!  We finally decided it was time we started to get serious about saving and we’ve made a goal.  We want $10,000 in savings by December 31, 2009.  I’m sure we could have much more by then if we really tried, but I think with all other things, we need to take baby steps.  So, what I’m doing now is taking 8% out of every paycheck and putting that into savings.  Jeff also gets alot of mini bonuses once a month, so I plan on taking 20% of those and putting it into savings.  I’m going to do this and see how well it works, and if it works out, then I’ll up it from 8% to 10% and 20% to 25% respectively.

Our other goal is paying our car off.  We got a five year loan for it in September of 2005, so if we continue paying the due payment, it’ll be paid off in 25 months.  While it’s only an $80 a month payment, we’d rather not be tied down with a monthly payment.  The payoff amount is $1,800, but if we continue on with the payment plan, we’d wind up paying a total of $2000.  Thats a savings of $200; and therefore that’s $200 more that can go into savings!  So our short term goal is to have the car paid off by March 1st, 2009.  We’ll pay extra on the car loan, and then whatever balance is left over when we file taxes, we pay it off and then put the rest of our tax return into savings.

What’s nice is that we don’t really need to budget, scrimp and do extra savings.  We still have a lot of flexibility within our lifestyle which is great.  I’m just glad we don’t have a money monkey on our shoulder.


I Need to Update More.

>Seriously, I do. It’s been a very long time since I updated my blog. Jeff banged his toe and he’s now only got nine toenails.. he went fishing last weekend and hit his toe on the boat while trying to unstick his foot from a ton of mud. And it resulted in him going to the doctor and having his toenail removed. I’ll be kind and not post pictures.. we haven’t even taken pictures! Um, anyway moving on.

We got a new couch last month after the 4th. I was bored so I decided to go and look at the classifieds to see what there was to see in the way of good deals on scrapbooking stuff. Well, there wasn’t so I decided to go look in the furniture stuff and there was a sectional couch for sale! It was less than a week old, and the people were selling it for $300 instead of the original $900 they paid for it. I guess they were foreclosing or having to do a short sale on their home because they were having to move into an apartment and sell of most of their possessions. Why they didn’t take the couch back to IKEA is beyond me.. they could have returned it with probably very little hassle. I’m not complaining though, I got an awesome sectional for a third of the price. It even still smelled new.

We put it in the same spot that the two love seats were at, but we’re planning to switch the furniture around and have the TV on the opposite wall so we can have the couch at a better angle. It’s a sectional with chaise and instead of having the chaise on the wall, we want that sticking out in the open. We’re also planning on getting another section to have it fit more people.

Anyway, Zoe and Ruthie are doing well. We’ve sort of started Zoe on potty training, but she likes to play in the bathroom, so our effort isn’t as diligent as it could be. She also stuck the seat on her head and got it stuck so… I don’t know how serious she actually is about learning how to use the potty.

Ruthie just hit her 6 month mark this past Saturday, and it’s so sweet! She’s growing so fast, and it’s awesome. She’s got a cute little personality, but if she’s tired she gets MAD. We also finally got her out of our bed and into her crib, which was surprisingly an easy transition. Zoe disliked it and we had many nights of her crying and screaming before she got used to the idea. I think Ruthie likes to roll around in her crib without bumping into people. She will also scoot if she’s in the right mood too. I can’t really call it crawling because she’s not really doing it with the intent of moving from one place to another. We won’t know how big she is until her appointment later on this month. I think it was supposed to be sometime this week, but something happened, and my pediatrician had to go out of town.

Here’s some pictures of the last month or so!

We were able to watch fireworks two days in a row, both on the third and the fourth of July. Anyway, this I think is my favorite picture that was taken this year. My inlaws live up higher in the Salt Lake valley and this is a picture of two different fireworks shows going on at once. I didn’t see this picture until I was going through my pictures on the computer and saw this. I must have captured it at a very precise moment, because it looks like a Supernova or something. I love it.

Then, on July 19th, we went to the COOLEST thing on earth: LLAMA FEST!!! I heard about it in 2004, and I’ve wanted to go every year since then, but we weren’t able to make time to go until this year. It’s so awesome! It’s held down in Spanish Fork which is in the southern part of Utah Valley, past Provo. We didn’t realize how big it actually is until we went.

This is the place that llama fest is held at every year, it’s a Krishna temple that’s in Spanish fork for Hindus. The building is pretty big.. and beautiful. And trust me, you can’t miss it from the road since it sits on top of this hill.

This is a picture of a VERY CUTE little baby llama, also known a cría. I love llamas and this just reinforces my desire to have a llama farm someday.

One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen is llama racing. And if you can’t tell already; if a llama doesn’t want to race; it’s not going to.

And last but not least, here’s a cute picture of the girls playing with Jeff on the couch that was taken sometime in the last month. I love it!

I really need to focus on updating my blog more. Hope you enjoy that update!

Extended Family Ruthie Zoe

June 17th- June 22nd

>Well, my Dad came and went. Jeff went and came. Overall it was a really filled week.

Tuesday the 17th, is when my Dad flew into town. We didn’t do anything that day because we didn’t realize all 5 of us would fit into the car. Then Wednesday morning, Jeff got picked up by his old supervisor -who was 15 minutes late- and he left to Chicago. And while he was up in the air and flying, my dad and I took the girls and went down south to Lehi to visit an outdoor sportstore called Cabela’s. If you have never been to Cabela’s, you’re seriously missing out. It’s an awesome store that sells EVERYTHING for enjoying the outdoors. Fishing rods, hiking boots, dog collars with radios attached to them, swimming stuff… they have it all. There’s also a little eatery place, and they’ve also got fish aquariums and even a museum type room as well… called the game room; its got stuffed game like deer and whatnot. I took some pictures while we were there.

Here’s a catfish. Yes it’s white, but it’s not albino. I wasn’t able to get a good picture, but the catfish has regular colored eyes. Instead it has a condition called Leucism, which is REDUCED pigmentation, not LACK OF pigmentation. It was fascinating.

Here is a spawning trout of some kind. You can’t tell very well since I didn’t have the flash on, and therefore the picture came out super dark, but it’s got brighter scaled and the mouth is a bit hooked, which is what happens when they spawn. Anyway, this one was a HUGE fish, had to be at least two feet long.

Here is a display thing that was in the middle of the store. It was HUGE and it’s only the center half of it. What’s crazy is that my Dad’s been to a few other Cabela’s, and he said we have the smallest store he’s been to. It’s nuts knowing that there’s stores bigger than ours.

Anyway, after going to Cabela’s we decided to head further south into Orem since I wanted to check out a scrapbooking store called Archivers. It’s the only one in the state and the next closest one is in Denver, Colorado. I was extremely surprised it was actually in University Mall. I went into the store, got some stuff and then we mosied around the rest of the mall, and got some smoothies from Orange Julius. At that point the girls were getting grumpy so we headed home. We had left around 11:30, and didn’t get home until after 6:00. I tell you they are NOT used to being out and about all day like that. I also got a really cute video of Ruthie trying out Butternut Squash for the first time! I don’t think she liked it very much, but we can try again later!

The next day on Thursday, we went to IKEA. We ate in the cafe -I had the meatballs and mashed potatoes with lingonberries and my dad had the salmon- and I bought a little highchair with the tray and an inflatable support for smaller babies, a package of paper for Zoe to color on, and some cardboard storage boxes. Ruthie is no longer in 0-3 month clothing, so we’re at the point now that we can start packing the smaller stuff away. Then afterward, we went to Old Navy since Zoe needed a new swimsuit, and I also had a “10 bucks back” coupon from using my store card and earning points. I also got Zoe a pair of shorts and two shirts, and Ruthie got a cute little spagetti top bubble shaped one piece suit, and she also got a pair of shorts and a top. It cost me around $30, but I saved about $65 between the $10 off coupon and the fact I got everything off the clearance rack.

After going home and resting for a while, we went back out to eat dinner at Tres Hombres. And unfortunately, the food wasn’t all that great on Thursday for some reason. I actually got really sick from it, which is a first. Then after Tres Hombres, we went to Robert’s Arts & Crafts, but they didn’t have what I was looking for, so we had to drive to Michael’s. I found what I was looking for there, and we went home.

On Friday, we attempted to take the girls to the Zoo. I say attempted because one or both of them were crying the whole time we were there. We did spend maybe an hour there, 1.5 hours tops. Zoe did like looking around at the animals, but she eventually got too hot and cranky so we left before seeing the whole Zoo. I don’t plan on ever taking them back again in the middle of the summer. And besides, it was packed to the gills, we were SO lucky to get a reasonably close parking space. I did however mange to take some pictures!

This elephant must have been really bored because she -all of the zoo’s elephants are females- was pulling the wood off of the enclosure and started tossing the wood around. It was making a lot of noise and Zoe started freaking out, so my dad said “We better leave before somebody gets killed.” Leave as in the elephant area, not the whole zoo.

So, this alligator is on loan until around September first. And again, it’s not albino, but leucistic. It was really boring and just laid there, but it gave a good photo opportunity. I was surprised at how small it was too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the whole head into the picture, Zoe wasn’t feeling like cooperating with me, since she was crabby from the heat.

After going home and resting, we went to Jeff’s parents house to visit and ate pizza for dinner. Wendy was watching my BIL Andy’s kids, and Melissa and Devin showed up with their son, so we had a full house with all 7 grandkids. It was nice, and my Dad and John had fun going back from the current War to Iraq and back in America’s warfare history. Thankfully, I was able to cut them off before they started talking about the Korean War.

Then on Saturday, we went to Fashion Place mall, and I went into Nordstrom’s to buy some BareMinerals makeup. We ate lunch, walked around and then went home for a while. Then we finally decided it was time to go swimming! So I strapped Zoe into her new bathing suit, and put Ruthie in Zoe’s old one and we went out. Zoe clung on me for dear life the whole time, mostly crying “Mama hold Zoe.” and “Want Dora Towel.” and “Zoe sit down.” while she was pointing to the chairs. My dad swam around with Ruthie who actually fell asleep! Unfortunately, we forgot to put sunscreen on the girls and Ruthie got sunburned a bit. But she’s fine now. Zoe did however warm up to the idea of the swimming pool which is good. We’ll have to take her out there more so she can get used to the idea of swimming. After drying off and whatnot, we went to Walmart, where my dad bought some stuff to Grill. We had chicken drumsticks and some Pork ribs, which came out great. Zoe finally got some large legos and she was having a blast with those; they even had them in pinks and pastel blue for little girls.

Sunday was when Jeff came home! It was so nice to have him back. Because we were so busy, I didn’t really miss him too much, but it did get lonely at night, not having him in the bed with me. My dad drove to the airport to pick him up of course, and I stayed home with the girls. Zoe was really surprised to see him; I can’t really say she was super excited to see him because she didn’t at once ask where he was or anything, but she did hug him and sit on his lap. Funnily enough, she didn’t show any interest in him until he said “Zoe, I got you something.” then that’s when she came running over. After that, we went to dinner at Jeff’s parents’ house for our customary Sunday dinner, and we played a bit of Wii and just sat around and talked some more. I got a super cute picture of Ruthie and my dad; seeing how she was the only one of the two that let him touch her. Zoe never really did warm up to my Dad, which I know bothered him.

There’s really strong family resemblance here!

There’s more to the week, but I’d rather get Jeff’s narration for Monday’s fishing adventure! It was exciting I can tell you that, but I’m really glad I didn’t go.

Living Ruthie Zoe

It’s JUNE!!

>Lots of things are happening this month for our family! First and biggest thing is that Jeff will be traveling away from us for a few days to Chicago to eBay Live! In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a huge convention that eBay does every year for their users. We’re sad that we’re going to be away from each other for a few days, but I’m so pleased at the same time beacuse this shows that Jeff is highly respected for what he does at work, to be asked to represent your department is no small honor! Of course, he’s the only one qualified -in terms of knowledge- in his department to go, but still. And my buying sprees on eBay helped since you have to have a minimum of 25 positive feedback, and we’re around 30 right now. Heehee. However the good news that’s coming from all of this is that my Dad is coming out to visit while Jeff’s gone! I’m so excited to be able to see my dad again, he was able to come last Thanksgiving and be here for Zoe’s birthday, which was great! This will be his first time seeing his other grand-baby Ruthie so we’re all pretty excited about that too. Ruthie’s at the perfect age now where she’s not just a lump on a log anymore, she smiles and babbles and blows raspberries at people.

With that said, here are some new pictures!

Here’s Ruthie eating cereal. You can’t tell but she LOVES eating rice cereal. If I don’t feed her fast enough and she knows there’s more, she starts screeching and grabs at the spoon. She’ll even growl at it a bit too! So cute!
Here’s a better view of Zoe’s haircut. The expression on her face is a bit funny looking since she’s not looking right at the camera but it’s still a good view. I think she looks so grown up and pretty with her hair like this.
This probably one of my favorite pictures of Ruthie to date. She chews and sucks on her fingers and is quite partial to her right index finger. She fell asleep with her finger in her mouth and I JUST had to take a picture of it!

This is a focal picture on her foot sticking out from her blanket. I the color by first applying grey tone to the picture and then I did a slight purple tint on it and then blurred the edges. I love how this came out and I think I did a good job on the angle, and really capturing her foot as the focal.

I think this really captures Zoe’s resourcefulness and ingenuity. She wanted to ‘play outside’ and since we have a very large balcony we often let her play on it so she can get her outside wiggles out. We do take her to the park and stuff, but as you can tell it was getting dark so we just opened up the patio door so she could play outside. It was a bit chilly; as a result you can see Zoe’s solution to the problem. A pair of shoes -she even managed to get them on the right feet this time- a hat and two mis-matched mittens. It totally cracks me up that she forgot the most important piece of clothing; that is to say PANTS.


I’ve Been Tagged.

>Got tagged by Linda Butler. YAY! Or something. Anyway here it goes.

The Rules:

1. Each player/person starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People that are tagged write a blog about their own 8 random things and post these rules.
3. At the end of of your post don’t forget to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave leave them a comment to tell them they’ve been tagged, and to comment back and read your blog for the whole story.

My 8 random facts:

1. One of my deepest desires is to be in a fantasy movie in a setting not unlike ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and play either a Bard or Roguish character.
2. I’ve always wanted to write a book; however the subject keeps changing.
3. I dislike people who mooch off of government assistance and then complain about being poor when they are too lazy to work full time jobs.
4. I love popping Jeff’s pimples.
5. I’m obsessive about photo-shopping blemishes and whitening teeth in pictures. I love doing stuff in Photoshop altogether and will look up tutorials on new things when I’m bored.
6. I hope to get my Driver’s License someday.
7. I enjoy scrapbooking.
8. I love sleeping, but I hate going to bed.

I tag:

No one because the people who I have contact with on here have already been tagged. So the cycle or at least my part ends here. Ending internet spam FTW!


Zoe’s new ‘do.

>Zoe’s hair had been getting long, and because of her weird hair growth pattern, It hasn’t been growing evenly.. like a middle layer will grow slower than the other layers, that sort of thing. Anyway, her bangs have been getting long as well so I decided after giving her a shower on Monday to go ahead and trim her hair. It was going along fine until she jerked and I accidentally cut off way more than I wanted to, so she now has a bob. I was planning to only take off 1 inch but wound up taking two off. Either way it looks cute!
Here’s Zoe’s haircut BEFORE. This was taken about three or so weeks ago, I’m not sure of the exact date. You can tell how the layers are all uneven and whatnot. nothing I could really do about this, it’s how her hair grew in and how it sits on her head. Her bangs are also really long as well.

Here’s her hair AFTER. She’s facing the other way but you can get the idea. Her hair isn’t laying flat down properly, but the cut is much neater on her and I personally think it’s cute and spunky! I wish I had more pictures, but these are the only ones I have.

Cricut Journaling Scrapbooking


I love to scrapbook. It’s an enjoyable past time and since we no longer have DirecTV, I’ve found myself having more times to scrapbook. I’m also planning to get into card making as well, so I’ve contacted a representative of a scrap booking company to become my rep.

Anyway, my new favorite thing to use while scrapbooking is… a CRICUT MACHINE! In case you haven’t heard of a Cricut machine, it’s a die-cut machine that uses cartridges -think of old school Nintendo- and a little keypad… you key in what you want to cut, load it up and then presto! You’ve got yourself shapes. Here’s a brief video on what it is.

It’s not the best video quality in the world but you get the idea. Anyway, I’ve joined the Cricut Message boards and have gotten a TON of ideas on how to expand my scrapbooking skills and layouts. I recently participated in a “Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge” and I’m so pleased with the result! The challenge was to pick one of two 2-page layouts and duplicate it as much as possible. I chose the second one; you can see the original sketch by the person who came up with it HERE. For obvious reasons, I can’t post the actual sketch, but you’ll see what it is. However, the challenge was changed a bit, in order to incorporate other things besides pictures, we were told to use Cricut cutouts, embellishments or whatever else. Anyway, here’s my challenge, and what I did with it!

Out of Your Comfort Zone challenge layout

This was a challenge for me for several reasons.

  1. I do NOT like to journal in my own handwriting. Being left-handed, I have an extremely difficult time writing straight, and my printing kind of gets messy after writing for a long period of time. With this, I wrote in cursive, and took my time. It took me over 20 minutes to script that down, since I was trying to be neat and careful. I even went to to check my spelling when I was unsure of how to spell certain words. Nothing like misspelling words for posterity.. you’ll get laughed at!
  2. I have never attempted to do a two page layout before in my entire life! Way crazy but true! I think for my first honest attempt it came out rather well.

Anyway, since the picture is kind of small and you’re probably wondering what it’s all about, here goes! In a semi organized fashion.

The journaling reads:

You were named after your Great-Grandmother Ruth Francis Deans Hayford. We changed the name a bit by adding “ie”. Your middle name was picked because it starts with an “E” and ends with an “h” and is not a variation of your sister’s middle name. So that’s why you were named Ruthie Edith!
You surprised us by coming on February 9th, five days early! Mommy & Daddy were planning to go see a movie and eating an early dinner after taking your sister to Grandma’s house. But, Mommy’s water broke at 12:15p, so we had to go to the hospital instead. We got there at 12:45pm, ad go into our room at 1:00pm. Then, around 3pm, Grandma & Grandpa Hayford along with Aunt Shayla came & waited with us to meet you! I decided to have an epidural at around 5:30 pm. Then at around 7:30, Grandpa took Zoe to Aunt Melissa’s house, since we didn’t know when you were coming, and she was getting bored.
Then at 8:15, I was fully dilated, so the nurse Gretchen called the doctor because you were ready to come out! Doctor England got there just in time, because you weren’t waiting, you were coming out on your own! I only pushed for 10 minutes, and after 3 tries, you came out into the world at 8:34pm!
You were 7lbs 6.2oz and was 20 inches long!

The first picture on the first page is Ruthie being weighed on the scale, it shows that she was 7 pounds, 6.2 ounces. It’s also pretty obvious that she’s angry. The next picture is her having her first bath, and she was bathed by the nurse. I love this picture because her toes are floating in the water, and she seems to be enjoying her bath. Even now she LOVES to get baths!

The first picture on the second page was taken within minutes of being born, she was put under the warmer and had her APGAR scores taken.. first an 8 and then a 9.. just like Zoe. I think she was adapting to the outside environment and wasn’t too horribly upset. And of course for her modesty, I put the little bunny over her girl parts! Thanks to my friend Nay for the suggestion! Then of course, the second picture on the page is of the two of us together in a picture for the first time. I don’t look too terrible for giving birth, or at least I’d like to think I don’t look terrible!

And then under where it says Mementos are the anklets she wore in the hospital. Unfortunately, I lost other things, so at the moment, these are the only things I have from the hospital of hers.

I feel that scrapbooking is a very useful hobby… because not only are you capturing every little moment, you’re also recording your personal and family history. Even for those who don’t have time to scrapbook, it’s at least good to keep a journal and then insert pictures in that.. because scrapbooking is journaling, using pictures more than words.

This challenge has encouraged me to journal in my scrapbooks more in my own handwriting. If I take the time and have patience for myself it’ll be great!


Odgen Dinosaur Park!

This past Saturday, we went up to the Ogden Dinosaur Park to celebrate Zoe’s friend Rafe’s 3rd birthday! We had alot of fun as a family. Silly me didn’t get any pictures of the four of us there, but we got plenty of Zoe having a blast! They’ve got sculptures of the dinosaurs and whatnot, but they’ve also got a huge playground area which was filled with other little kids and their families. Here’s some of the pictures!


Here's Zoe peeking through a nostril of a large horned dinosaur skull!


Here she is coming down a slide! She loves slides, they are her favorite things at parks!


Petting a snake!

The park also holds a reptile rescue center and here’s Zoe petting a snake. The whole time she was petting it she was doing her little happy dance and saying stuff like “CUTE!” and “So soft!” and she also got a bit sad when she was told she couldn’t hold it. I wish we had gotten a picture of her face while petting the snake, but oh well. The guy holding the snake was really impressed with how calm and sweet she was with the snake. Not many little kids will pet snakes, and especially not little girls!

I'm a T-Rex!

Here’s an animatronic Adolescent Tyrannosaurus Rex. I didn’t get a picture of the whole scene, but it’s supposed to be attacking a Triceratops Mother with small young. I did an old picture affect just because.

Afterwards we headed back to Rafe’s house to have hotdogs and stuff for dinner. We were the only non-family members there since none of our other friends could make it but we still had fun. The family is full of such great people!